Cochamó valley expedition

Week Without Walls 2017
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“Cochamó Travel” invites you for a week to trek to a unique place in Patagonia: Cochamó valley, also known as the Chilean Yosemite, is one of the most impressive places in Chile. With its gigantic granite walls, turquoise rivers and a dense native forest, it is the paradise for outdoor lovers.

Along with our guides team we have designed a meticulous travel plan that allow students to take their outdoors skills to the next level as we travel and climb the most impressive places of this acclaimed valley.


Day by day itinerary:

DAY 01 Saturday/Nov 04: Santiago - Puerto Varas – Cochamó


Reception at El Tepual airport in Puerto Montt and transfer to Cochamó town, an small fishing village, located on the coast of the first fjord of Chilean Patagonia: Reloncaví estuary. In this town, we will set up our first camp and we will have an introductory class of the logistics and spirit of the expedition. We will also have time to tour the town and prepare the last details of the expedition.


Educational Component:

Our first night in Cochamó town will have our first talk about leadership, teamwork and the behavior expected from the students, teachers and guides during the development of the expedition. Emphasis will be given to aspects such as safety, self-care and teamwork. In addition, in the evening we will have our first "expedition cooking session ", where students will learn the basic techniques for cooking outdoors.

DAY 02:  Sunday/Nov 05: Trekking to La Junta, Cochamó Valley       


Early in the morning, after preparing breakfast and the rations for the day, we will move to the beginning of the Cochamó valley's main trail. In this place, we will prepare our gear and meet our local “arriero”, who will assist us with the load. We will also have a brief talk about hiking techniques and an introduction to Leave No Trace principles. Then we will divide in groups and we will begin a 9 kilometers hike through the forest until “La Junta”. Here we will spend the next 2 nights at the Cochamó refuge camping site.


In this place, we will have a class about camping and how set up a bombproofing tent. Later on, our friends from the camping will take us on a tour to show us the operation and management of the ecological facilities of the campsite. Then we will cook in groups and dinner next to a bonfire, while we talk about the highlights of the day.


Educational component:

During this day, every activity we do will be a teaching opportunity. Since the morning, when we take down camp we will have a class to learn how to load a backpack, then we will learn about hiking techniques and Leave No Trance principles and in the afternoon on how to set up a camp.

DAY 03 Monday/Nov 06: Mountaineering, rock climbing and safety in remote areas

This day will be fully dedicated to instructing techniques and developing skills related to mountaineering, climbing and safety in remote areas. This will allow us to level skills for the  following challenges of our expedition.

These classes will be taught by our guides / instructors in epic places of the valley, such “toboganes de La Junta”, “Pared Seca” and Cochamó river.


In the evening we will return to our camp, have a new session of "cooking expedition sessions" and will have dinner next to a fire, while we talk about the highlights of the day.


Educational component:

During the day we will divide the students into 3 working groups that will be rotated by 3 workshops given by our guides / instructors:

1) Safety class: use of harness and helmet, basic knots (auto blockers, eight and clove hitch), use of lifeline, descenders and how to progress a fixed rope.

2) Rock climbing class.

3) River crossing and mapping class.


DAY 04 Tuesday/Nov 07: Trekking to “El Arco” camp site

Early in the morning we will take down camp and begin a trekking to one of the most stunning places of Cochamó valley: “El Arco”, an incredible rock formation in the middle of a waterfall surrounded by giant “Alerces” (native tree similar to American sequoia).


To get here, students will be divided into groups, under the tutelage of guides and teachers, and based on cartographic information (map and compass) they will have to trace their route to the camp site. The trail has a total distance of approximately 8.5 kilometers, it goes almost always under the rainforest, crosses multiple rivers and streams and the last part is more demanding due to the slope. On the way, will be necessary to apply much of the knowledge acquired so far as safety, mapping, river crossing, risk management, responsibility and self-care.


Once in "El Arco" we will set up camp and our local “arriero” will cook a Patagonian style lamb, while telling us about the history of the valley having “mate” with a bonfire under the stars.


Educational component:

This hike will provide  a rich learning environment, students will have to make their own decisions as they reinforce skills as leadership and teamwork.

In addition, the night will be the right time for cultural interaction and learning about the lifestyle of the inhabitants of Patagonia.

DAY 05 Wednesday/Nov 08: Trekking El Arco to La Junta

This morning, in this incredible place and as the first activity of the day we will have a fun environmental interpretation activity. Where students will go to a pristine forest of “Alerces” while learning about the ecology of the area. Then we will take down camp and beginning the hike back to “ La Junta”. The afternoon will be free to relax. Then we will cook in groups while we talk about the highlights of the day.


Educational component:

In the morning we will have a recreational educational activity where students will learn to recognize different species of native flora, deepening in the ecological and economic importance that the “Alerce” has played in the development of southern Chile.

DAY 06 Thursday/Nov 09: Climbing Arcoíris mountain

This day we will go to discover from above this beautiful valley surrounded by granite mountains. We will leave in the morning with the objective of ascending the “Arcoiris” mountain, one of the most impressive summits of the valley.

This day will be one of the toughest of the expedition, as we will ascend almost 1,000 meters in just 3.5 kilometers. We will also have to overcome 2 rock steps  secured by ropes, which will allow us to cross blocks of granite in the middle of the route.


On the way back we will have time to refresh  in the river and then return to the camp for dinner by the fire.


Educational component:

This day students will have to test all the techniques and skills learned during the previous days. To achieve this summit, will be of vital importance that students assume a leading role in aspects such as self-care, leadership and safety.

DAY 07 Friday/Nov 10: Hiking La Junta to Cochamó

We will dismantle camp, say goodbye to the staff of the camping that received us and we will start the walk back to the beginning of the trail.

Once down, we will prepare a special meal to celebrate the success of our expedition. We will also have time for a reflection that will allow us to verify the personal evolution of each of the students.



DAY 08 Saturday/Nov 11:  Cochamó to El Tepual Airport

From Cochamó our private transfer will take us to El Tepual airport in Puerto Montt.


End of services

   Expedition details

  • Duration: 8 days / 7 nights

  • Nights in camping:7 nights

  • Backpack weight:10 a 15 kgrs, approx.

  • Backpack size:75+ liters

  • Meeting place:Airport El Tepual Puerto Montt

  • End of the trip:Airport El Tepual Puerto Montt

  • Group size:

        Minimum: 7 students

        Maximum: 28 students


   Rates Included

  • Air Tickets: Santiago - Puerto Montt y Puerto Montt - Santiago

  • Travel Insurance.

  • Private transfer

  • All meals: breakfast, trailmix/lunch and dinners.

  • 7 nights camping.

  • Camping gear: tents, kitchen tent, camping stoves and pots.

  • Safety Gear: helmets, arnesses, carabinners, security ropes.

  • Professional first aids kit: UHF radios, maps, repair kit and satellite phone.

  • Bilingual Guides / Instructors (spanish and english) accredited with Wilderness First Responder, widely experienced in courses and trips to remote places and mountain ascensions.

  • Guides/Instructors rate: 1 guía + 1 assistance every 7 students. 

  • Local guide and load horses: 1 every 7 students.

  • DVD with video and pics of the trip.

       $839.900 clp per student

       (taxes included)

       * Includes teachers rate 

          (free from paying).


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